Videos and Audio

Simon was interviewed on Hope FM’s programme ‘The 4th Dimension’ on 23/11/2020, including talking about the online course ‘The Christian in Creation’. Audio only. 34 minutes.

Rosebery Park’s first-ever service on the radio, without the songs. It includes a contribution by Valerie Stupple, talking about 2 Care, a residential home for vulnerable adults. (audio only, 29 mins)

Rev. Simon Bartlett from Rosebery Park Baptist Church is interviewed by Blair Crawford on the Hope FM Breakfast Show, 31/03/2020. (Audio only, no video, 18mins 30secs). You can find both the songs mentioned on YouTube: ‘I See Jesus’ by Aileen Gilchrist, and ‘Telegraph Road’ by Dire Straits.

‘What must I do to inherit eternal life?’ A lawyer asked Jesus that question, and there’s no better person to answer it! But Jesus’ answer, when we consider it carefully, will surprise many of us.