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Details of the September 2021 version of this course can be found at the new dedicated website Christian in Creation (Climate Change) Online Course.

‘The Christian in Creation’ fortnightly online course ran from November 2020 to July 2021. You can follow the course for yourself, using the videos and handouts below. If you have any questions, you can contact Simon Bartlett, the course creator.

The Christian in Creation – The Complete Course (266 pages) can be downloaded here.

the christian in creation course lesson plan Nov 2020

Lesson 11: in this lesson we move from ‘science’ to ‘situations’ and look at how the higher temperatures and the changes to precipitation are affecting and will affect Africa.

Click here for the Lesson 11 handout

Click here for the Lesson 11 PowerPoint – this is to big for Google Drive to offer a preview, but is safe to download. Once downloaded and opened, when you get to slides 16 and 17 you need to click on the little asterisk by the slide number which when you hover over it will read “play animation”. This will play the videos on those slides.

Lesson 12: the Mekong Delta.

Lesson 12: the Mekong Delta.

Click here for the Lesson 12 handout

Click here for the Lesson 12 PowerPoint

Lesson 13: The world around us is looking for solutions in the area of technology or lifestyle. But as Christians we must first look to God.

Click here for the Lesson 13 handout

Click here for the Lesson 13 PowerPoint

Lesson 14: strategy at an individual-level, both in terms of lifestyle changes and activism.

Additional reading for discussion, ‘The Good Terrorist’ can be found here.

Click here for the Lesson 14 handout

Click here for the Lesson 14 PowerPoint

Lesson 15: what can the church do?

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