Minister’s Message: a welcome from our church leader.

Welcome to Rosebery Park Baptist Church!   Who or what are we?

Rosebery Park Baptist Church is a community of people who are seeking to follow Jesus Christ.

We’re a community, not a building.  Admittedly, on the front of our building are the words ‘Rosebery Park Baptist Church’.  But the building isn’t the church.  We – the people – are the church.  We’re the church on Monday as well as on Sunday, and we would be the church if we had no building.  We’re quite a mix: young and old, different nationalities and different backgrounds. 

We’re trying to follow Jesus but none of us is perfect.  We have specific beliefs about who Jesus is.  Our beliefs are expressed in a formal statement by the Baptist Union of Great Britain But a very brief expression of our beliefs could be, ‘Jesus: Lord, love, life, hope’.

We could describe the few hundred metres between the church and Pokesdown Station as the Portobello Road of Bournemouth.  There’s a concentration of antique shops selling everything from bric-a-brac to high-class antiques, and a great selection of bakeries, cafés and restaurants.  But good as all this is, we hope that at Rosebery Park you will find something of even greater value!

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