Church Life During the Coronavirus Crisis

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Sunday Services Online

You can join us online for our 10.30am Sunday Service, via our Webex Meeting Room

Or dial 020 7660 8149 from a phone, and enter access code 149 117 723 (remember to consider your phone tariff – do you have enough inclusive minutes for this? Otherwise you’ll be charged at the standard rate for calls to London).

Please message us with any queries.

online service

We will be continuing to meet online for the rest of July, and at least the first two Sundays in August. We will let everyone know when we will have our first back-in-the-church-building, in-person, service, nearer the time.

Sunday 5th July – This Sunday (5th July) we will hold a communion service online in our Webex room (bring your own bread and juice). Starts 10.30am at  You are welcome to join us 🙂

communion service online

Wednesday 1st July – Reopening the church?

Just over a week ago Boris Johnson announced that places of worship would be allowed to reopen on 4th July, subject to social distancing. That’s good! Some people imagined that it might be much later. Initially, there was little detail on the requirements to reopen, but yesterday the government published ‘Guidance for the safe use of places of worship from 4 July.’ It’s about 15 pages long if you put it into a document. That’s also good! Clear guidance is helpful, even if it takes a bit of time to digest it. This guidance document doesn’t cover everything. For example, we have to do a risk assessment, and that is covered in a separate document. We will certainly do everything that’s called for and do the best we can to keep people coming into the church safe. We haven’t yet worked out how long it will take to do all this, and we might not like some things! For example, one of the guidelines is that we should not sing 🤔. This coming Sunday (5th July) we will hold our service online again, including communion. Still, we want to get back to having services in the church as soon as we reasonably can. So, for the moment, please watch this space! Simon, minister.

weekly diary June 2020

Rosebery Park Baptist Church Weekly Diary – Join us online in our Webex Room:
Monday 4.30pm – Prayer re. Coronavirus situation
Wednesday 7.00pm – Bible study on John’s Gospel
Thursday 4.30pm – Prayer re. RPBC fellowship
Friday 4.30pm – Prayer re. Coronavirus situation
Sunday 10.30am – Our Sunday Service

Or dial 020 7660 8149 from a phone, and enter access code 149 117 723

(remember to consider your phone tariff – do you have enough inclusive minutes for this? Otherwise you’ll be charged at the standard rate for calls to London)

Please message us with any queries.

Diary for week beginning Monday 25th May 2020:

diary 25 May 2020

On Wednesday (29th April) we will be starting a weekly online Bible study, 7pm-8pm, looking at John’s Gospel. Join us at…/simon.bart… We’ll aim to start fairly promptly at 7, so feel free to come into the meeting room a little earlier to say hello etc! 🙂

Maundy Thursday, 9th April.

RPBC usually has a Maundy Thursday service, and we’re going to continue with that.  It will be at 7p.m. on Thursday, and you’ll be able to access it through the Webex Meeting Room as usual.  It will be a communion service, however you’ll need to bring your own bread and wine or juice.  There will be no sermon; we’ll simply have some readings, some songs, and communion. 

Our Sunday Service on 5th April was on Hope FM radio! It’s available on Hope FM Listen Again for the next thirty days.

Week beginning 30/03/2020

We will be praying together online,

Re. the Coronavirus: 4.30pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Re. Rosebery Park Baptist fellowship: 4.30pm Thursday.
Or dial 020 7660 8149 from a phone, and enter access code 149 117 723 (remember to consider your phone tariff – do you have enough inclusive minutes for this? Otherwise you’ll be charged at the standard rate for calls to London). Please message us with any queries.

29/03/2020 Screengrabs of our first Webex service!

An update, on 26/03/2020…

Dear RPBC members and friends

About a week ago, in response to the coronavirus epidemic, we decided to stop services and other meetings at church. On Monday, Boris Johnson announced measures that required us to do this.

We are now in a very unusual and strange situation – I often hear the word ‘unprecedented’. It’s disorienting and a little frightening. Because we can’t operate as usual, we have to rethink how we function as a church. We don’t know how long this situation will continue, so we can’t just wait for it to end.

We should try to continue with many of the things we usually do as a church. We would like to have a collective act of worship on Sundays. We would like to have collective prayer, and perhaps a Bible study. We would like to make prayer needs known and pray for each other, for our nation, and for those who are affected by this virus. We would like to serve our communities.

In practice, how can we do those things? We attempted a conference-call type of service last Sunday. It was not a success! I would score it two out of ten. There are many stories about inventors who had lots of failures before they achieved success – Edison with his light bulbs, for example. We need to press on. It is much easier, and it gives a much better result, if we can connect people over the internet than through telephones. In practice that means that you’ll need a smart phone (not a ‘brick’ phone), or a laptop (assuming it has a webcam, microphone and speakers), or a desktop with a webcam etc. If at all possible, try to get yourself sorted with this! Over the coming week we’ll be trying different things out. We hope to come up with a technical solution which will mean that even if you don’t have access to the internet, you can still join in.

We can all call each other. If all church members called one person a day then every church member should get one call a day! I will circulate a list of telephone numbers. If you do not want me to pass your phone number on to others who are part of the RPBC family, please let me know. Otherwise I will include you. I suggest you simply pick somewhere on the list to start and then work your way down. Call one person a day, and don’t just call your best friends!

Let’s make prayer needs known. The prayer chains are still functioning. If you know of someone who’s struggling, please let us know. Pat (from Churches Together) and I have suggested to Bournemouth Hospital chaplaincy that they could let us know about any prayer needs. We’ll see if that materializes.

Please also make practical needs known. If you can’t get to the shops, let me know and I’ll get things for you and drop them off at a safe distance!

We can also volunteer! That might seem like a strange idea, since many RPBC members are over 70 and self-isolating. As many of you know, I thought that we as Churches Together in Boscombe might do something to help the community. There wasn’t much reaction to that, and it has been superseded by events anyway. However, in the process of exploring the idea I found out about opportunities to volunteer. The NHS has invited people to volunteer and 170,000 people have already signed up! Some of the volunteering would be inapplicable to most RBPC members, however one category is as follows: “Check-in and Chat volunteer: This role provides short-term telephone support to individuals who are at risk of loneliness as a consequence of self-isolation.” You can sign up at Other volunteering possibilities are also opening up.

Finally, we’ll try to keep some spiritual food coming your way. If we can get our technology sorted there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have some sort of Bible study. I’ll try to do a brief ‘Daily Devotional’. I had in mind to show Christian videos during the year. We can’t meet to watch, but I can circulate them. Since I’ve had a little spare time, I thought I’d look into recording a talk on video and uploading it to YouTube. I’ve recorded the first talk I gave at RPBC in this way, and uploaded it. If you’re interested, it’s here: The second is in production!

Well, all for now.

Keep well, and God bless


(Rev Simon Bartlett)